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CALINFRA - California Infrastructure Delivery Coalition
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Inform. Collaborate. Advocate.

At a time when our state’s public infrastructure needs significant improvement, we must utilize every tool available to deliver infrastructure projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our Vision

A California where state and local decision makers are educated and informed about the various forms of project delivery and have the authority to utilize any form of project delivery they determine is most appropriate.

Our Mission

Help the public sector in California deliver needed infrastructure by:

  • raising the level of understanding and conversation about alternative forms of project delivery through stakeholder education and collaboration, becoming a trusted resource to promote increased project delivery options across the state;
  • enabling partnership between stakeholders to advance the state of practice for alternative project delivery;
  • advocating for broad and uniform alternative project delivery authority for state and local governments; and
  • prior to achieving such broad and uniform authority, supporting efforts to expand existing authority to use alternative forms of project delivery.

Our Objectives

Online Alternative Project Delivery Resource Center

The coalition will develop and publish online resources to inform California stakeholders about the various methods of project delivery, how they are best used, the pros and cons of each, and what authority exists in the state.

Informational Roundtables and Event Participation

The coalition offers California public agencies in-person education in the form of roundtables where coalition members and staff share, in a collaborative setting, information about the fundamentals of alternative project delivery and experience-based practices that promote project success. Further, the coalition participates in industry events to raise the level of conversation among the widest possible audience.

Alternative Project Delivery Legislative Outreach

The coalition is executing an administrative/legislative outreach strategy that identifies champions and other stakeholders in Sacramento, crafting and delivering the materials and messages necessary to educate and persuade while countering misinformation.

Improved State of Practice

The coalition hosts collaboration sessions between our members and key external stakeholders to discuss the state of practice in California for the various forms of alternative project delivery, seeking to establish agreed-upon best practices where possible.

Annual Legislative Day

The coalition hosts an annual legislative day where our members will have the opportunity to meet and discuss alternative project delivery directly with the state administration, legislators, and staff.

Broad, Uniform Authority

The coalition will develop and support legislation that will provide broad, uniform authority for state and local governments in California to utilize whatever form of alternative project delivery they see fit to deliver any type of needed public infrastructure.

Annual Report on the State of Alternative Project Delivery in California

The coalition collaborates with partner organizations and academia to annually produce a report on the state of alternative project delivery in California. The coalition presents each year’s report before various appropriate state commissions and other influential bodies.

Receive Our White Paper

CALINFRA has partnered with industry stakeholders to produce a white paper: “Bridging the Gap: Unlocking the Potential of Alternative Project Delivery for California’s Infrastructure Future”. The white paper:

  • describes some of the most common forms of alternative project delivery used in California;
  • furnishes case studies for several California projects that were delivered using these methods;
  • discusses emerging trends; and
  • concludes with recommendations for improving the state of practice.

Please provide us with your contact information so that we can send you a copy.

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